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Operating System + Desktop Environment / Window Manager

I am a serial Linux distro-hopper. Since getting into linux majorly (having dabbled back at university many years ago), I have stuck with it since getting hooked on Raspberry Pi's when they first came out. At various times I have used: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, NixOS, and Mint. I am currently using Pop!_OS as I wanted to try out their Pop Shell extension for Gnome, that makes it more like a tiling window manager. I'm sticking with Pop for now - but I am currently running the I3 tiling window manager which I have used for the last number of year on whichever distro I have been using.


The majority of my coding is done using Visual Studio Code, though I also use NeoVim a lot. VSCode has some killer features that I can't ignore such as being able to develop in remote containers.

VSCode setup


I am currently using GNOME Terminal, but just because I recently distrohopped & haven't yet pulled in my dotfiles (which need properly updated). I have really been enjoying using Kitty.


Having used ZSH for a number of years, I am now trying out fish. It seems pretty good, but I haven't yet invested the time into it to get it setup exactly as I would like.


The vast majority of anything that is important to me is backed up to multiplecloud based git repos e.g. GitHub & GitLab as well as on numerous local options. I make extensive use of Syncthing and would like to use Duplicati more for its encrypted backups.



I am a bit of a ThinkPad fanatic and have multiple ThinkPads. My main machine is a T480 but also make extensive use of an X230. As mentioned above, work is synced via Syncthing, so I can use either for working on at any time.

Other hardware

  • Monitor: iiyama XUB2792UHSU-B1 27" ProLite Height Adjustable 4K IPS Slim LED Monitor. I really like this monitor. I know nothing about monitors and I know this one seems to have a relatively low refresh-rate - but I like it. The size and resolution are great for me. I would just like a second one.
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3. It is a good mouse with a great scroll wheel. Possibly not as great as I was hoping it would be.
  • Keyboard: GK61 with Gateron Optical Blue switches. I really like mechanical keyboards. This is a cheap version, which at some point I would really like to replace, but for now it does the job. Blue switches annoy a lot of people due to the volume, but I like the feel of it.
  • Webcam: Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam. A full HD webcam with a USB-A connector. It does a good job and I'm very happy with it.