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(Updated: 6/3/2021)

Disabling wireless on Raspberry Pi 4

A Raspberry Pi 4, with no wires attached, viewed from above.

I have a large number of Raspberry Pi's in my house, mostly doing nothing but for a long time I have had a Raspberry Pi 1 running Pi-hole connected to my router. My Raspberry Pi 4 has been connected via wi-fi running a number of services. During lockdown for Covid-19, I decided that with the Raspberry Pi4's much greater specs & it's Gigabit ethernet port capabilities, it would be much better suited to being connected to the router - in order to run Pi-hole in a container among a number of other services.

As the Pi 4 is now connected by ethernet cable, I decided to disable the wireless. Turns out it is very easy to do this. In /boot/config.txt just add the line:


Job done!